Sunday, December 14, 2008

Me=Fail. Wiley=?

5-color, green film, fail. One of my worst days in serigraphy class, 2nd to last class time, a nazi lab tech, I got really frustrated and scraped that design. But it’s all good because it was actually my plan B. I went to Plan A and did a 5-color (photo technique) for Usugrow’s lotus design with “Namaste” printed underneath. I haven’t taken a picture yet but I’ll get to that. I’ve only made one print (on a black tank top for myself) but I have a bag of shirts I was going to use with this one. Still waiting for my instructor to give me a time I can come to campus and finish it up.

In the mean time, I give you Kehinde Wiley. His works can be found in Harlem, Brooklyn, Chicago, Sheboygan, Columbus, D.C., and Minneapolis, to name a few. I don’t have time to write out my review but I’d like to hear what you have to say. Do you think it works?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am the stone that the builder refused

I did not finish my 5-color serigraph yet, but it has to be turned in on Thursday। Surely I'll have it posted by Friday. In the mean time, here is another assignment in Illustrator. I had to create a comic book/coloring book cover. I spent 3 weeks on it, my lines got crazy messy, I trashed it the night before it was due and started over. I slept about 4 hours, woke up and worked all the way up until class. An hour before I needed to leave my house, I had no background, hence the lazy gradient mesh. Needless to say, this was not my original concept but it certainly got the job done. *If you click the picture, you get a larger view but keep in mind this was created for print in CMYK (in other words the computer makes the colors not to be viewed on the monitor but instead for the printer to spit it out, so the appearence isn't exactly the same).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

You've got to come Original

I have a lot of down time at my day job and pass the time sitting behind my laptop, browsing websites, watching YouTube videos, looking up other artists, entering all the freebie drawings at Apartment Therapy. I have tried several times to stop this mindless, pointless, direction-less web surfing at work. I need to try harder. Although I spend a good time enriching myself with artistic stimulation, and it's always good for artists & designers to spring board, I'd have to say it's much more fulfilling to complete something for which all brain storming was done entirely in your mind.
Last night my ridiculously old home desktop overheated when I was getting ready to start my last serigraphy design of the semester. It forced me to work through my head and through my sketch book and my own hands. After drawing, I spent a good 2 hours cutting film. The result is a mere 5 inches, but will be a 5 color print and my key to an A. I'm very excited about this design. It's actually a gift for Rima (my close friend/ex-sorority sister/future sister-in-law/boss). I'll post pics as soon as I'm done, but what are you looking at my crap for? Go create something on your own! :-D

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Illustrator class work

The following designs are not in my particular taste, but I suppose class work won't be the only time I'm assigned to do something I don't like.

For my Illustrator class I had to create 5 black and white logos using my initials. Honestly, I'd never use any of the logos I created for class because I don't think any of them are really me. For graphic design I'd use my sofisiphunk logo, which I just realized I've never posted (I'll get to that later). These were really just a means to play with different styles.

Next I had to choose one of the logos and do it in color . I chose the one with the bumble bee despite how cheesy and lame it really is.
Finally I had to do a business system with that logo. For all you planning on stalking me, sorry to disappoint but that is not my correct information. Business Card