Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catching up

Two posts in one day was not enough. I finally uploaded more pics from drawing class.
This is actually homework assignment #1, the previous posts were #2 and #3

This is in-class still life #4

This is not the finished product of a landscape I did in class. I'll take another pic of the finished once it's been graded.

Two Posts in One Day!

Home work #2

Home work #3

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lush Life - Late

A hip hop art & fashion expo at IAO gallery in OKC 03/14/09

Awesome. Great turn out, larger venue would have been nice. In fact, I have a feeling if a larger venue is chosen for next year it could double in attendance and artist participation.

Here are the Indie clothing lines that were featured
Tree and Leaf Clothing
Group Fly
Cadillac Cowboy
Blooprint Clothing

and Thought Collective for which I have designs coming out this summer. Stay Tuned!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

2D design assignment #3

geometric shapes using various mediums in gray tones: paint, charcoal, pencil & marker

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Art Dharma

I have this professor for 2D design, this very long winded and less helpful professor that I've had for a couple of classes in the past and hasn't changed. However, yesterday he lectured for TWO HOURS. That's pretty excessive for a design class. Normally I just get started on the work but he was actually addressing a student with a problem I've faced many times. This guy was struggling to produce something up to his standards and trashed his work the night before so he had nothing to present for critique. Our professor addressed this issue quoting Van Morrison and Zen concepts. He said he was sympathetic and not offended because sometimes you just don't get the result you expect. But, "A professional works everyday no matter how he feels" just to keep the motivation going even in complete desperation. The push and pressure from a dumb idea can accomplish remarkable results. "Great faith, great doubt, great practice" curiosity & inventiveness... wake up to the possibility. Every artist has to learn how to assimilate this to your own daily creative process.
The creative process..... yeah I'm working on that. I have this awesome work space at home. My walls and shelves are covered with things that inspire me but I just haven't pushed myself enough. I told my friend Loren the other day that I hate drawing because I'm slow and it doesn't come easy. But I love it because once I push myself to finish I've improved. But I hate it. And I hate things I'm not naturally good at. Obviously what I feel about drawing is another one of those love/hate relationships.
New goal: I want to start making my self draw in my sketch book daily.

PS I said I'm going to post all of my work from school this semester and I meant it. I just haven't got around to taking pictures of all of it. But I do have 7 assignments from Drawing class and 7 from 2d design and they will be up sometime this month. Here is my 2nd in-class still life. I turned it in unfinished, again because 3 hours is not enough time for me. About the quality of the photo... yeah I take these with my phone. Get over it =)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Rima Makeup Studio Ad

Yay, finally some work to show you! Yes, I was the model for this ad but not by choice. She made me because it was last minute and I was the most convenient. It will print 5x15in. and also 5x13 in several of the Oklahoma City area high school papers.