Thursday, January 29, 2009

promises promises:actions speak louder than words

I haven't been posting much at all. However, I resolved to stay away from facebook and myspace for an entire school semester in hopes to be more productive. It's been two days and I think realistically all I'm going to do is spend that time on other websites and continue to search for substitutes. Dare I create a twitter account? Let's hope I don't stoop to that low.
I started an art wishlist for the holidays and never finished it. oops.
In other news I went to the nation's capital for Obama's inauguration, a once in a lifetime experience. I'm glad it happened in my lifetime.
I also went to NYC the so called hub of the art world.... well I'm pretty sure San Fran is where it's at, but only pretty sure as I've never been there. You tell me. I saw a lot of art in NYC though. Some of it pretty lame but a lot of it was quite awesome. I discovered James Jean and took many photo's of his Kindling show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery.
I also bought a print (18/50 AP) of Jeff Soto's "Turtle God" (see this blog's first ever post). I am quite fond of Jeff Soto and it holds sentimental value for me. I stumbled across his artwork in Juxtapoz the first time I ever picked the magazine up. He is the reason why I continued to buy that magazine, why I started following the type of art I do and how I developed taste. "Turtle God" was the first of his I ever saw so it seems fitting for it to be the first piece of art I ever invest in. No it's not an original but come on, I don't have that kind of money ;-)