Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dr. Seuss

I'm revisiting some of my earliest creative influences/idols. First up is Dr. Seuss. My all time favorite animation of his stories is "The Lorax" with "The Hooberbloob Highway" a close second.
Seuss was socially relevant, colorful, imaginative and enjoyable for all ages. To me, he is timeless. I had an idea to do a Seuss inspired cityscape for a design project this year. I didn't have the time to do what I originally envisioned but it is definitely a project in my to-do list. While I was browsing Seuss images for this idea I stumbled across something that blew my mind. I knew Seuss was an illustrator aside from just a children's author but I had no idea he did political cartoons. Check out the links , enjoy the cartoon and I hope it brings you the same warm nostalgic feelings it brought me.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday bonus post

This is a painting I did in 2006. I had it framed and gifted it to my mom. It hangs in her hallway.

It's about that time

Forgive the hiatus. As you might have guessed from my last post I had a lot going on for a while. Then I took a week and a half to chill out and celebrate my birthday :-)

Here are more assignments throughout this past semester that I didn't get posted.
The first set are from Foundations I: 2d Design and are all explorations of different design elements. They're not entirely fleshed out so don't look at them as complete compositions.My color wheel -very difficult to photograph the true colors but I liked the idea of it anyway
complimentary colors scale

The rest of these are all from my Drawing I class
10 quick sketchesstill life, my apologies for the lighting washing it out when it was photographed. tree in inkstill life in charcoal - we worked on this for 3 weeks in class but I missed a class so mine doesn't look quite as finished as it should

And that's the last of it! I've completed another semester of school. I'm out for the summer and it's time to get serious about Design. Working full time and schooling full time all while trying to maintain some sort of social life and complete freelance work the past 5 months taught me that I never want to do that again. In the past month I gained and lost 2 jean sizes. Weight fluctuation for me is the biggest physical sign of unnecessary stress. This summer I'm committed to getting my professional website launched and clearing my freelance plate (getting paid for the jobs I've already committed to). Come fall semester I want to be 100% devoted to design. I'm going to put more effort and time into my school work and begin shaping my portfolio. Most importantly I'll only be working weekends with my day job so I need to be ready and able to get enough freelance work to cover my expenses. I think my life and priorities have been slowly moving toward this path but it's time for me to get serious. I don't feel as if I've reached even half my potential because I'm too stressed out and tired from trying to fit in a full time job to pay for this education. What's the point of the education if you're not really getting the most out of it?